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Mask Wearing: An Act of Solidarity

By AMBER DAY, MD I recently wrote in support of the recent Cincinnati city counsel resolution regarding mask wearing indoors in public spaces. My hope would be that people would be masking already to protect those around them, but given the seriousness of...

Christians and Plagues

BY ETHAN SCHIMMOELLER, 4th YEAR MEDICAL STUDENT COVID-19 is not the first plague Christians have grappled with.  Of course, we think of the Black Death – and Monty Python’s depiction of it – but perhaps reason away any contemporary relation to the middle ages, void,...

Covid-19 reflections from the ED

BY NOLAN JOHNSON, ED Physician Assistant “I think I have it…”. The statement arising from my young patient hovered in the air before me. The “it”in question is, of course, COVID19. In this first week of government mandated stay-at-home orders, Ihave cared for many...

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